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Welcome to OmPlanet - a space where everything comes together to support your journey of self-realization, consciousness expansion and creativity, where you may pursue your truest form of PLAY in a collective of like-minded and like-hearted people.

We invite you to set your intention to live a life full of joy, purpose, authentic relationships and transcendence. And we give you the tools to make the magic happen!

• As an individual, you can discover and join new communities through OmPlanet. You can book stays at holistic centers, join transformational events and courses, connect to people based on shared interests, experiences or location.

• As a collective (intentional community, membership organization, influential leader, conscious movement, positive impact business, etc.), we can serve you by offering a dedicated platform that will efficiently mobilize your existing and new members and accelerate interactions between them, online and offline.

Become a Central Part of the Emerging Consciousness Revolution!

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Discover Places

Visit transformational places or co-working hubs and join their activities, book a retreat at a holistic center or an off-grid house in the wilderness. Host guests in your own house or rent a place to organize events.

Book/Offer Experiences

Book or offer services to your community. Discover transformational experiences and events happening near you. Organize meetups, host meditations, find workshops or just get together to play and have fun.

Connect with Like-minded People

See who is around from your community. Learn about their interests, start conversations on interested topics, find partners for dating or co-working, connect to do a meditation.

Build Your Community

Start your community now or join one of the existing communities. Unite your unique purpose and vision with the essential need of a community, belonging and the joy of co-creating a brighter future for All!

Organize and Grow Your Community

Communities come together for a variety of purposes. But no matter what are the proposed goals and intentions of a community, as human beings we all need the same thing. What we really want and really need is to exchange real and substantial love with a number of people. And we need to be profoundly engaged, not just for a few minutes or hours here and there, but on an ongoing basis, with true friends. In addition, we have a lifelong need for ongoing personal and spiritual growth, which is best supported in the context of close, committed community.

OmPlanet is designed to bring together and enliven many different collectives of people. Our focus is on spiritual communities, conscious movements, transformative educational institutions, integrative healing centers and positive impact businesses.
We wish to co-create an environment for well intentioned positive-impact collectives and businesses to share, collaborate, and explore their inspirations. Members of each collective can build meaningful relationships with each other, efficiently communicate and exchange services on a regular basis.

As a community builder you can request to have a dedicated interaction space only for your collective (and if needed your own branded version of the OmPlanet app). You can manage membership subscriptions with monthly payment plans. To all your members you can offer - places for stay, programs to book, events to join, share media resources, and do much more.

Become an inspirational example for how to bring people together around shared purpose and mission!

Start Your Community!


Getting Ready
Exploring the field

Being Inspired
Receiving the vision, coming together as inspired co-creators

Committing to the Vision
Living and working in different intentional communities worldwide, starting to create a new one


Playing with Ideas
Conceptualisation of the initial OmPlanet architecture, creation of the first web prototype


Learning through Failures
Creating and testing the first mobile app prototypes


"Show me the Money!"
Generation of funds and resources to support the project

It's Happening
Developing the MVP mobile apps

First Planets
Bringing on board 3 pilot communities

Many conscious communities aligning, transforming and thriving

Going to the Next Level
Emergence of a coherent ecosystem of transformational communities and collectives!


We are a team of professional software engineers, financial experts and visionaries with many years of experience creating next generation Social, Economic and ICT systems that supported successful startups, large businesses and international organizations.

The founder of OmPlanet has 15 years of experience in software development and IT managment, he is an avid traveler exploring intentional communities and spiritual centers in different parts of the world.

The Crew

Board of Advisors



Highest Good of All

We recognize that we are One with humanity and all of life, all inherently connected and interdependent. Coming from this realization our intention is to play a win-win-win game - for the company shareholders, for the global stakeholders and for the environment serving the highest good of all in a virtuous cycle.

Conscientious Business

Good intention is not enough, we realize the need to be conscious throughout the creative process. We do inquiry of the overall impact of our business on the world on all different aspects and are committed to continue this inquiry over time. And as we care about creating positive impact in the outside world, we take care as well about raising the awareness and consciousness of our own team members throughout the process.

Empowering Technology

Humanity embraces technology to accelerate its evolution but we can also become slaves to it. We will use technology with responsibility and direct it to help us all find truth, joy and authentic human connection.
OmPlanet highlights places and experiences that are meaningful and transformational, that bring people together, that empower people to share and support each other in real life.

Protecting Your Privacy

Your privacy is a top priority for us and we design all of our products and services with your privacy in mind, so that you can fully trust them. We commit to not track and sell your data to other parties for advertising purposes for our profit. You are the owner of your personal information and content. Read our Privacy Policy for more details.


Global Celebration with all of Humanity

There are times when the power of many as One is required for us to create a significant change!

Envision the tribe of humanity expanding in a massive ecstatic celebration across the planet, embracing all and everyone in unified love!!!

Building the Foundations of the New Earth

We are united by purpose, by something bigger than ourselves, an intention to bring humanity into a new consciousness of love, compassion and unity, we are co-creating the foundations of the New Earth.

In the midst of this accelerated time of changes, many collectives and individuals from all over the world are stepping forward as radiant examples of a new way of being, a new way of living, with consideration, caring for each other and our planet, harmonizing, cultivating freedom, joy, abundance, Love and Unity. This is what OmPlanet is actively striving toward, this is the foundation that we want to build our future on.

Linking up the New Earth Seeds

In many corners of the world there are thousands of initiatives, conscious movements or spiritual communities where people come together to co-create and transform, to celebrate and share their gifts.

Over the past 10 years we were presencing the emergence of such initiatives in many parts of the world. And there was a sense of a collective dream and inspiration to connect everyone through a unified ecosystem!

This inspiration has been transformed and evolved many times in the past 10 years, and now it is expressed as this platform, this is a co-creation in progress, a quest.

“Be the Change You Want to See"

The journey starts from transforming ourselves first, living by example, as an individual as well as a collective! We experiment with new integrative organizational models such as Holacracy and Radiant Organizations — and we are open to paths, still hidden, that emerge as we progress.


Will the apps be free?

The apps will be free to install. You can have free access to explore some of the public communities. In order to have access to private communities, there will be a membership fee decided by each community.

Which devices is OmPlanet available on?

There are native Android and iOS apps available on the app stores and a web interface with a limited access for community moderators.

How can I support this project?

We are open to all forms of abundance:
 • Accepting gifts and donations from community members and philanthropists.
 • Offering the OmPlanet platform as a paid service B2C and B2B.
 • Using venture capital and equity investments from aligned investors who share the vision of OmPlanet.

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